It seems that the efforts of President Meta to bring the majority and the opposition together for dialogue to resolve the political crisis have not stopped.

From Bosnia and Herzegovina, via a facebook status and after meeting with his North Macedonian counterpart Stevo Pendaroski, the Head of State appealed to Albanian politics to stop the abusive political rhetoric and focus on an agreement to solve the political crisis.

“Today becomes misused time, since the decree to cancel the June 30th elections was to allow for us to reach a comprehensive solution that strengthens the country's credibility for free and fair elections,” said President Meta.

Also President Meta has urged the majority to take an example from North Macedonia for the inclusion of the opposition on fundamental issues of democracy.

“It was a pleasure to see President Pendarovski's determination to co-operate and involve the opposition in dialogue over fundamental issues of the state and democracy.

“Both our countries must unite in their efforts to open accession negotiations in October,” declared Meta.