Lulzim Basha invited Albanians to join opposition protests until end of what he calls "the mafia rule of Edi Rama".

Basha claims Rama intends to use any means necessary to preserve his own power and personal enrichment, against the interest of the general public of Albania.

Basha held a meeting with the citizens of administrative unit 6 in the capital, declaring the theme of his tour to be the Unity of all Albanians.

"We must end Rama's mafia governance" said Lulzim Basha.

The Democratic Party Chairman expressed his conviction that the only solution for the country to emerge from the political, economic and moral crisis is the removal of Edi Rama.

He brought up the argument that May 18 deal was not an agreement, but imposed on him prior to the June elections.

"The deal showed to Albanians that a hybrid solution does not work. We will not have free and fair elections without removing the cause of this evil." said Lulzim Basha.

The leader of the Democratic Party said the battle launched by the opposition in defense of democracy and interest of Albanians, is a battle of the honest majority against the corrupt and criminalized, but strong, minority.

"These people are an absolute minority, who became millionaires with drug money, who became millionaires with corrupt concessions.

"Albanians have not benefited from this. They are an absolute minority, who eat and drink, from morning until dinner, with the dirty money of crime and drugs.

"Most Albanians are honest and we represent this absolute majority.

"Let's face this evil and overthrow this minority that chokes the air out of our country." said Lulzim Basha.