Although the tourist season started two months ago, life guard watchtowers continue to be unmanned in Pogradec, an undesirable situation as the city is a favorite destination for tourists.

Tourists have expressed concern over this matter. They say their lives are endangered, as the lack of life guards on the river bank makes swimming much more of a risk.

Further, the holidaymakers say that the placement of guards is a requirement for the safety of their lives. As such they appealed for the situation to be resolved urgently.

The municipality of Pogradec accepted that there is a problem, but shifted the blame to the company tendered to provide the guards.

Rruzhdi Hymetllari, a specialist in the tourism sector, says that 30 young people are expected to be certified but the problem remains that their certification has not been approved.

Pogradec is known as one of the most preferred cities during the tourist season. The lack of monitoring towers this year has become a serious concern as there are cases of people who have lost their lives in Lake Ohrid.