In a sign of gratitude, the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, has given to the Italian composer, Ricardo Cochante, the key to the city.

Cochante, who was accompanied by the singer, Elhaida Dani, was surprised by the change in Tirana since his previous visit to Albania four years ago.

"Thanks to this key, I already feel like I am a part of this place and it gives me much pleasure.

"Thank you for your friendship! I was here four years ago and Tirana has radically changed, has changed in a positive sense.

"Tirana is being reborn, moving away from the problems of the past, and it can be clearly seen just by walking around the city" said Cochante.

The singer Elhaida Dani was happy to perform with Cochante.

"He has always supported me and he continues to do so. The fact that he always agrees to return to our home is an honor for me.

"He will perform his greatest hits and I will have the honour to sing with him" said Elhaida Dani.

The Italian composer, Riccardo Cochante together with the Albanian singer, Elhaida Dani will perform on stage atthe 56th  Annual Song Festival of Radio Television Albania.