After a full year of women in Hollywood, politics, media and, well, everywhere else, speaking out about abuses, gender equality remains a very distant vision even in democratic Western societies.

For women in developing countries, the fight against persecution based solely on gender is especially challenging.

In countries affected by the war, women are subject to systematic sexual violence, a particularly severe situation in rural areas.

Even when it comes to livelihood and insurances, women are widely discriminated against.

Globally, men bring home 75% higher wages than women, while the value given to the unpaid work performed by women every year around the globe amounts to 10 trillion dollars, twice the accrued level for men.

The female voice occupied a significant space in the world's cinema.

The three biggest-paid movies in 2017 had women as key characters, for the first time in almost 60 years.

However, women account for only 18% of directors, screenwriters, producers and editors in the top 250 movies of the year.

Other interesting statistics about the sad gender reality is that most of the world's illiterate population consists of women, at 64%.

Meanwhile, only 23% of politicians around the world are women.

About 830 women die each day from preventable causes related to pregnancy and maternity.