From Brussels, where he is attending the meeting between the High Representative for Foreign Affairs of EU, Federica Mogherini and the leaders of the Western Balkans, Prime Minister, Edi Rama stressed that Albania does deserve EU integration.

"I am convinced that Albania fully deserves the opening of membership negotiations.

"Even tonight, both at the meeting and at the dinner of prime ministers, it was clear that there is a strong will on the part of Brussels' institutions to continue this process, for Albania and for other Western Balkan countries" said Edi Rama.

Asked about the situation created in parliament for the vote on the temporary chief prosecutor, Rama said that he did not want to converse about local parties using English.

"When I speak in a foreign language, I speak about Albania as a whole. I do not speak about the local parties.

"So even today I have talked about Albania, and of course, I have tried overcome the difficulty created by the opposition's behavior, not by blaming the opposition, but focusing on Albania and the Albanians.

"The negotiations will not be opened for a single party, they will be opened for Albania and all Albanians." said Edi Rama.

During the meeting, Mogherini underlined the need for Western Balkan partners to accelerate with the reforms.

As the President of the European Commission, Juncker emphasized that in September, 2018 a unique opportunity is expected to be presented to the region to make concrete steps in the path towards EU integration.