Injuries caused by road accidents and jumps from heights into the sea are currently the most common causes of medical emergencies. In both cases, the consequences can fatal or cause invalidity to the highest degree.

During July, the national emergency medical services carried out 21 missions by air and 12,000 people called 127 to seek help in an emergency or to receive advice from doctors.

"There were 12,323 calls. A very worrying fact is that there is an increasing number of tourists at the beach areas and this is causing us problems with accidents, both in regards to traffic incidents and also water related accidents.

"We have had several cases with foreign citizens, in particular Polish citizens, who have suffered severe spine injuries and in some cases have even become paralyzed," said Doctor Skënder Brataj.

Director of the National Medical Emergency Services, Dr. Skënder Brataj said August has kicked off with a large number of medical emergencies, with 3200 requests for help in the first week alone.

"The biggest damages in almost 99% of cases occurring from sea trauma are cervical collapse.

"Knowing that the cervical column controls the 4 limbs and the diaphragm, this kind of trauma can cause quadriplegia (paralysis of all limbs), paraplegia (paralysis of the legs), or even paralysis of the diaphragm which will cause immediate death," warned Doctor Skënder Brataj.

Other emergencies related to cardiac diseases, tension problems, diabetes, and cases of people with self-inflicted injuries due to the use of toxic substances.