The rush of the Municipality of Tirana to demolish the building of the National Theater, in the night hours left under the rubble a good part of the evidence and documents used for decades by actors and directors.

Without any prior inventory, everything ended up in the pile of inerts and for this the director and actor Edmond Budina says that those responsible will pay.

Under the rubble there are still files, as recent evidence from the National Theater.

The stage curtains in this theater will no longer be opened, they remained there amidst the rubble and the excavator bucket is showing strength to them.

The posters show another theatrical performance, but this time it will not be staged at the National Theater.

The interview with the director Edmond Budina this time was different, not with the background from the theater building, but from the dust raised by the theater's inerts that today is no more.

Budina: They didn't even give us time to take it, they came automatically as if they were terrorists. These are terrorists.

In addition to the loss of the theater as a building, many valuable materials belonging to this institution have been buried under its ruins.

Budina: A pair of tirqas, the woolen trousers of the highlanders that are original from 1900, 1920, 1930. There are Hamlet costumes played by Naim Frashëri, of all the actors. All are buried.

At the height of our heads the excavator worked tirelessly, causing pain for the director.

Budina: Pain, sadness but it also increases anger. Seeing it this way today is like taking your heart out of place.

As we conducted the interview, passersby congratulated Budina on his resilience to the theater.

The pedestrian street was overcrowded by citizens who took a picture of the theater that already remains a part of history.