The economic damage caused to the state budget during January-September 2018 is estimated to be 957.3 million euros.

Data has been published by the High State Control after audits were conducted in some of the most important institutions across the country.

Public Private Partnership concessions, as well as the renting and sale of public property sector, had the highest level of financial damage, estimated at 2.1 billion lekë.

Following in the ranks is customs, with damage of around 1 billion lekë, then procurements, taxes and operating expenses.

The offering PPP tenders have caused many debates due to their financial impact.

FInancial institutions have appealed for contracts to be transparent and for the calculation of expenditures to be correctly verified.

According to the High State Control, the biggest violations have been found in the financial discipline, which is related to expenses realized without efficiency.

From the audits, it has been determined that there were many problems, violations and irregularities in terms of expenses.

The High State Control has also found abuses and unlawful payments to the value of 62 billion lekë, with salary and bonuses making up 264 million lekë, procurement procedures 3.5 billion lekë, and operating expenses 4.7 lekë.

For these violations, the High State Control has recommended 66 proposals for legal changes in the internal regulatory framework of Institutions aimed at strengthening internal control systems and increasing the effectiveness of the use of public funds.

In some cases, evidence has been uncovered of penal offenses, with 34 referrals having been made to the Prosecution.

In total, the High State Control has conducted 102 audits over the past 9 months.