Today's Parliamentary session saw significant clashes between the two heads of the main political parties, who shared harsh words with each other over the issue of the recent floods across the country.

The prime minister said the floods were a result of  improper construction, while accusing the democrats by stressing that when they were in government, they stole  all the state reserves, while promising preparation for floods to the citizens.

"You took everything, you took even the boots from the state reserves!" said Edi Rama.

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha responsed to Rama, saying he has abandoned the citizens in order to focus his attention to defending criminal groups.

The debate on crime brought on a collision in the assembly, resulting in Assembly Speaker, Gramoz Ruci, excluding the DP MP Flamur Noka from the session, after he attempted to prevent the Prime Minister from giving a speech.

"You protect crime while Balili blackmails you with videos" said Sali Berisha.

Prime Minister, Edi Rama and former Prime Minister, Sali Berisha also debated on the issue of EU integration.

"You throw mud on Albania when speaking with the internationals!" declared Edi Rama.

"If you want integration, you have to fight the criminal gangs you are so busy protecting" said Sali Berisha.

Former Prime Minister, Sali Berisha again brought up the issue of the businessman who was arrested some weeks ago in Elbasan.

During a search of the man's vehicle, €800,000 in cash was found, alongside boat licenses in the name of the Former Minister of Interior, Saimir Tahiri.

Berisha claims this is evidence enough of the Socialist Party's links with drug trafficking and crime, which would surely serve to prevent integration of Albania into the EU.