he Albanian economy had a smaller increase during the July-September period compared to the second quarter of this year.

INSTAT Director, Delina IbraHImaj stated that economic growth has reached the level of 3.55%, with the main contribution coming from the tourism sector, followed by trade and transport.

The slowdown of economic progress in the second half of the year was also forecast by the Bank of Albania. Over the past 9 months, Albania's economic growth has been 3.87%.

"The trade sector and tourism have positively impacted on growth" said Delina Ibrahimaj.

The main negative impact on economic growth resulted from the energy industry, which suffered a downturn due to the drought during the summer affecting energy exports, as well as the real estate sector.

"The energy industry and real estate made a negative impact on the growth of the economy," said Ibrahimaj.

During the summer months, INSTAT determines that consumption has also increased by about 3.25%.

/Ora News.tv/