Despite the hope given to them by German authorities, there is no doubt anymore, that this Albanian family will definitely not be calling Germany home.

The German newspaper BILD wrote a front page article, including a photograph depicting the Ajazaj family being accompanied by police officers at 03.00 AM on Friday.

31 year old Xhezo Ajazaj, and his wife Artjola, 29 years old, along with their daughters Klara and Lejman, both aged 8, as well as their most recent child, German-born 6-month-old baby Karolina, have already been deported back to Albania.

The family has spent three years in Germany after arriving and making an asylum application.

Although the family had integrated into German society, the German Authorities have declared Albania a safe country of origin and it was on these grounds that the German Authorities refused their application, deciding to return them to their country of origin.

Living in Berlin with his family, Xhezo Ajazaj is a man known and appreciated for his work as a tiler, having recently been announced by his employer as their Worker of the Year.

German media reported that the family had a meeting with the immigration office on Monday, but the interior senator did not want to wait any longer.

According to reports featured in the German media, the police arrived in the early hours of the morning and woke up the Albanian family.

The family was forced to hurriedly collect all their items and immediately return to Albania. The story of the Ajazaj family has caused quite some fuss amongst the German media.

In November, the German Minister of Interior, Andreas Geisel expressed readiness to intervene and for their case to be reviewed. Even his employer had praised the Albanian worker for his efforts with the construction company.

"The family was ready to leave. To treat them now as though they are criminals is just incomprehensible. I'm shocked." Said an outraged pastor from the area where the family lived.

According to German law the Albanian family are also subject to an exclusion period of two years, meaning that they cannot enter Germany for any reason during this time.

At the beginning of November it seemed like the case of the Ajazaj family had touched not only the hearts of everyday people and the media, but also that of the Interior Minister, however it seems that this was not enough to allow them to stay.