The EU Enlargement will launch meetings with officials of Albania and Skopje this Tuesday. 

The agenda includes discussions for the process of opening negotiations.

During the Western Balkan Summit, Johannes Hahn announced that, from July 17th there will be a Balkan tour starting with Skopje and then visiting Tirana. 

During the visit, he will clarify the steps to be taken during the screening process for Albania and Macedonia, which will serve as preparations to the opening of negotiations in June 2019.

In the Albanian capital, EU Commissioner Hahn will meet with President Meta, Prime Minister Rama and other government representatives. 

In the statement given to the media there are no predicted meetings with representatives from the opposition, instead offering the suggestion that they may take place if there is additional time. 

Prior to his visit, Hahn made it clear that Albania should continue to implement reforms and meet the key priorities in order to get a positive response for negotiations.

The Commissioner also reiterated that the EU will not open doors to any country that has problems with their neighbors as a clear reference to finalizing an agreement between Albania and Greece.