The assembly will launch a ballot for the selection of members to be selected for the Council for the Appointment of Judges on Wednesday.

However, the Democratic Party wants to postpone the process on the grounds that it is unconstitutional.

In a letter to the Speaker of the Parliament, the chairman of the Democratic Party parliamentary group, Edmond Spaho, said that the Socialist Party's purpose is to take control of the new justice bodies.

"A constitutional and legal vacuum is being carried out, because in the absence of the High Judicial Council and the High Council of the Prosecutor's Office, transitional provisions are being used, and they have lost their power.

"The Provisional Council for Appointment of Justice was elected in January 2017 under the transitional provision,  but this provision can not become a general rule" said Edmond Spaho.

In the letter addressed to the Assembly, the President and the main embassies in the country, the Democratic Party says the Speaker of Parliament has acted flagrantly against constitutional and legal powers, dictating to the independent bodies a deformed application of the law.

"The President of the Assembly has avoided the legal criteria applied in the January 2017 ballot as agreed upon by all independent institutions.

"The law sets out 8 criteria for the candidates, aimed at increasing quality. Among the criteria is the completion of the School of Magistrates." said Edmond Spaho.

Regarding this issue the Democratic Party requires the opinion from the Council of Legislation in the Assembly.

He added that the activity of The Provisional Council for Appointments in Justice was intentionally blocked by the majority, sothat this institution could not perform the constitutional evaluation process for the candidates of the High Inspectorate of Justice and for the members of the Constitutional Court.