According to the International Monetary Fund, the Albanian economy is facing a number of difficulties.

The IMF has identified a number of problems and risks which the government was asked for a special attention.

Although the IMF did report economic growth in their 4th edition of assessment of the Albanian economy, the Public-Private Partnerships and the level of public debt were viewed with concern.

IMF experts have asked the Ministry of Finance to utilize the legal space for monitoring PPP contracts in a better way.

Staff recommended setting limits on contracts, in order to be clearer about the risks they bring to the budget.

The report states that the authorities should ensure the proper implementation of the framework for public-private partnerships, in accordance with the best international practices.

The IMF has repeated the requirement for fiscal consolidation and the reduction of public debt.

It was also noted that the fight against corruption, the advancement of justice reforms and improvements to laws on property rights must continue to provide further stability to the economy.

The report states that the improvement of the business climate is also of a great importance.

The IMF urges the government to continue with the fight against informality and to absorb more investment.

It is also encouraged the creation of new policies to increase youth employment.

Regarding the tax level, the IMF says the government needs to collect more revenue and therefore taxes should not be reduced and not preferential policies should be developed in regards to rates of taxation.