Following President Meta's decision to return the Porto Romano concession to parliament, the Democratic Party also reacted.

The DP writes that the president's decision is fair, as it protects the public interest by not allowing the country's wealth to be forgiven without competition.

DP reaction:

The Democratic Party welcomes the decision of the President of the Republic to return to parliament the unconstitutional and illegal concession for the return of Porto Romano to a private port for the oligarchs of Edi Rama.

The President's decision is fair and protects the public interest by not allowing the looting and pardoning of the country's assets without competition and in violation of the law to a handful of clients of ordinary thief Edi Rama.

This corrupt and illegal decision that was taken in the midst of the economic crisis when over 100 thousand jobs were closed and thousands of families and businesses were abandoned and left in misery, is an act of national treason by Edi Rama, the greedy thief and enemy of the well-being of Albanians.

The parliament and the new government that emerged from the Albanian vote will annul this illegal decision and bring all those responsible to justice.