The Democratic Party introduced what it calls a platform against corruption and the oligarchy.

This platform, in its essence, has the ban of introducing dirty money into the economy and announcing war on corrupt tenders or public -private partnership contracts.

Democratic Party Chair Lulzim Basha said the country is at a crossroads as he spoke of a threefold crisis.

"Albania is in collapse. A triple-threat economical, political and moral crisis has gripped our country.

"The opposition is committed not only to revealing the truth, but also to questioning our platforms to ensure we can see through this awful situation," said Lulzim Basha.

While saying that vetting in politics is part of the opposition's political offer, Basha warned private companies stressing that anti-mafia measures would start from sequestration of public assets obtained by contracts in violation with the law.

"We will present the Anti-mafia platform proposing the legal and institutional mechanism for the identification and seizure of public and private property belonging to corrupt tenders, concessions and PPPs.

"I want to guarantee honest business representatives that the DP and our allies stand firm on our platform for entrepreneurship.

"The greatest service that can be done is to restore the conditions of free competition between businesses, conditions of equal competition and above all law enforcement. All entrepreneurs will be equal before the law," said Lulzim Basha.

Democratic Party MP Jorida Tabaku, spoke about abuse in the sector of tenders, concessions and monopolies.

"The DP has denounced some affairs associated with concessions and, in concrete terms, we have proposed that a company that has offshore resources cannot participate in public tenders and concessions.

"We have proposed the identification of resources for any public or private investment, because there was a concern over the increase in construction with unjustifiable funds from the banking sector," said Jorida Tabaku.

According to Democrat MP Florjon Mima, the total cost of abuses by the Socialist Government over the past five years now amounts to 2.18 billion Euros.