The Central Election Commission postponed the decision on the prosecution's request for the termination of mandate for an MP from each of the PDIU and SMI parties.

The Socialist Movement for Integration and the Socialist Party united votes to postpone decision-making, with the Democratic Party voting against.

The Central Election Commission asked that the prosecutor's office make available the entire case that they have prepared regarding the two MPs, considering the request as it has currently been lodged as being incomplete in its information.

The accused SMI MP, Gledion Rehovica, attended the meeting, declaring that he was neither prosecuted nor even investigated for any criminal offense in the Republic of Italy, although he admitted he was questioned by police at one time.

"No order or any other measure has been taken against me in Italy" said the SMI MP, Rehovica.

Meanwhile, the accused MP from the PDIU did was not present, instead being defended by his lawyer, Theodhiri Sollaku.

"The Chief Prosecutor, Arta Marku, must certify all the evidence for the PDIU MP" said the lawyer, Sollaku.

The Central Election Commission postponed the decision regarding the MPs mandates until January 5th in order to allow more information to be submitted regarding the issue.

January 5th is the deadline for the prosecution office to submit the requested data they have held regarding the case.

In relation to the case raised by the prosecution regarding the mayor of Pogradec, Eduart Kapri and his lack of submission of data for the Decriminilization Law, the the Central Election Commission acted in a similar manner.

They again postponed their decision regarding the Mayor Kapri until January 5th, with is also the deadline for the Prosecution Office to submit the additional data requested by the CEC.