Albania has made steps forward in the fight against corruption but the road is far from travelled. OSCE Ambassador, Bernd Borchardt stressed that the country needs more transparency over actionsconducted by the prosecution.

Accusing the prosecution of ignoring electoral crimes, Mr Borchardt explained the need to create of a database for investigations so that such glaring omissions could be easily highlighted by the public.

"Albania has made some important steps forward in the fight against corruption, however a database listing investigations, criminal prosecutions and sentences is still needed.

"Cases of buying and selling the votes have been sent to the prosecutor, but where are the sentences?

"To tackle such electoral problems, the international community recommended setting up legal framework for financing political parties and the establishlishment of an effective and responsible system.

"So - where are we at this point with these items?" said Bernd Borchardt.

Invited to a conference in support of anti-corruption measures in Albania, Italian Ambassador, Alberto Cutillo said that corruption is a real threat to Balkan societies and it is up to Albania to deliver positive results in the framework of EU integration.

"Corruption is not only Albania's problem. It is an international phenomenon and, especially in this region, is a threat to all societies.

"It is in the hands of Albania to continue to rely on the progress made so far and to consolidate the system, by offering convincing and strong results, especially in the context of EU membership.

"One of the required standards that must be achieved is the fight against corruption." said Alberto Cutillo.

Ambassador Cutillo informed that, in January, the Chairman of the Italian Anti-Corruption Authority will visit Albania.