A candidate for the role of provisional Chief Prosecutor, Ferdinand Elezi, has attended a meeting with Adriatik Llalla, whose mandate ended yesterday.

Ora News Sources say that the meeting took place at Llalla's office. When asked by journalists, Elezi said that the meeting occurred in order for him to receive a certificate of seniority, refusing to make any other comment.

Currently, Ferdinand Elezi is the head of the Appellate Prosecution in Durres.

Yesterday, the majority approved the draft decision for the election of a provisional Chief Prosecutor using only their votes, in line with the recommendations by international partners EURALIUS and OPDAT.

The draft decision was strongly opposed by the Decmocratic MPs, who claim that we are dealing with a constitutional vacuum, where no institution has the right to declare the termination of the current prosecutor's mandate, Adriatik Llalla.

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