The Law Commission approved the evaluation report on the candidates for the Provisional Chief Prosecutor today using only the votes from the Majority party.

SP MP Bledi Çuçi, who read the report, said that from the 7 candidates in the race, only three of them result to meet the legal requirements to be the country's general prosecutor.

"4 of the candidates do not meet the conditions. As such only 3 of them will pass" said Bledi Çuçi.

The candidates who, as per the Law Commission, have not met the criteria to be general prosecutor are Arqilea Koça, Artur Selamni, Besnik Muçi and Granit Shahu.

The Law Commission will forward a detailed report on each of the seven candidates to the Assembly, while it is the vote of the members of parliament who will elect the temporary general prosecutor.

The new head is expected to be approved in Monday's session, which is the last of this parliamentary season.