The Socialists are determined to continue the process of electing a provisional chief prosecutor, despite the fact that the Democratic Party and the Socialist Movement for Integration consider the move to be unconstitutional.

At a special conference this morning, the Chairman of the Law Commission, Ulsi Manja, announced a meeting to conduct a hearing for candidates, which commenced at 3 o'clock this afternoon.

"The process is constitutional. We will hold a hearing regarding the candidacies" said Ulsi Manja.

Despite the threats by the opposition that the entire party would boycott the commission's meeting, Manja made a final call to them to ensure they are part of the process.

"The opposition must be a part of the process" said Ulsi Manja.

Manja praised the 7 candidaees for the role of temporary Chief Prosecutor, and, as a a lawyer, confirmed that the process is entirely legal and all citizens will learn the candidate's strategy for their time in this important post.

The hearing of the Law Commission is currently in progress, without the presence of the Democratic Party.