Following in the footsteps of Prishtina, Tirana also brought together the most successful diaspora businessmen.

The Flag Holiday served as a motivation, while the purpose of this economic union was to stop emigration by young people through the creation of employment opportunities right here in Albania.

In Tirana, the diaspora economic forum was welcomed bybusinessman Kadri Morina.

"We are always close to Albanians at any moment" said Morina.

Businessmen will sign their collaborative contracts as the Honorary Chairman of the Forum, Lazim Destani says that the economic union will make Albania stronger.

"We will help young people to realize employment in Albania" said Lazim Destani.

While current chairman, Nazar Mehmeti, says that the Diaspora Economic Forum intends to export as many Albanian products as possible through its activity.

"Contracts worth 500million dollars have been signed" said Mehmeti.

The event was also welcomed by the Chairman of the Republican Party, Fatmir Mediu.

According to him the state needs to increase awareness regarding enterprise opportunities.

The sounds of traditional music as well as Albanian dances accompanied the activity.

The Albanian Diaspora Economic Forum operates in 25 countries around the world and thousands of businessmen are members.