Foreign Minister DitmirBushati,  has spoken of Albania's vote in favor of the United Nations' resolution, saying it is an expression of our coherent, principled and unchanged stance regarding Jerusalem over the years.

Bushati stressed that anyonetries to claim that this was an intentional vote against the United States, is either lying or simply inventing stories.

By writing on Facebook, Minister Bushati said that Albania maintained a stance in line with the overwhelming majority of the UN, NATO and EU member states, and has consistently voted pro on UN resolutions in relation to the Middle East peace process, as in 2012 and 2013.

Claims that Albania's vote was a vote against the US,according to Bushati, serve only to undermine the cornerstone of the partnership with the US in the fields of strengthening the rule of law and democracy in Albania.

In closing, the Foreign Minister says the fact is that that the principlestance in our country's foreign policy is the same as it has been for manyyears and that this fact must be distinguished from other invented claims made by the worst of the country's citizens.