The Serious Crimes Prosecution has demanded 12 years in prison for the sentencing of the former Interior Minister, Saimir Tahiri.

This stand by the prosecution was opposed by the lawyers defending the former Minister of Interior, as well as by Saimir Thairi himself, who also made mention of other Ministers of the Rama government during his pre-trial at the Serious Crimes Court.

After the pretrial, Tahiri filed arguments in the court hall with a table explaining each instance.

“Bring me a test for the 4 occasions you accuse me of. Tell me an illegal act I did and I will go to jail," said Tahiri.

Regarding allegations that he made the traffickers “invulnerable” by opening doors and creating sea traffic, former Minister Tahiri said he had sent 6 secret letters to former Defense Minister, Mimi Kodheli, in which he had asked her to fix faulty radars in Durrës and Vlora.

The former Minister also dismissed allegations of consuming a lunch with Habilaj.

“Habilaj has been tapped whilst saying that I was with the big boss on the 22nd of November, 2013, but I was actually in Brussels for meetings regarding Albania’s integration.

“On the November 23, 2013, Habilaj was again tapped saying that I was there with the boss for lunch. However, on the date in question, I was at a media conference for the case of Drenova prison fugitives.

“I also attended meetings along with the head of the State Intelligence Service, Adriatik Llalla and the Minister of Justice, Nasip Naço,” stated Tahiri.

Tahiri announced that his phone records resulted in zero communication with Habilaj.

Likewise, investigations in 15 cities of both Greece and Montenegro found no evidence of property or assets in his name obtained from trafficking.

“Those traffickers talk about 5 million euro here and then 20 million there that I earned and wanted for the elections.

“So then why has the Serious Crimes Prosecution not begun their investigations with Edi Rama and then progressed down the pyramid, to me and everyone else?" inquired Tahiri.

Despite the prosecution's request for 12 years in prison, the Former Interior Minister, if found guilty, would benefit from a 1/3 reduction of the legal penalty due to the acceptance of a shortened trial.

According to the prosecution, the former police director of Vlora, Jaeld Çela, was also involved in illegal activities with Tahiri.