From Korça today, the Minister of Culture, Mirela Kumbaro announced a meeting to be held in consultation with those artists who oppose the law on Art and Culture and the relocation of the National Theater. 

The request for confrontation with the minister was signed by about 70 artists, and was followedby a strong statement by the great actor, Robert Ndrenika. In response, the minister said she would speak to the actor, but defended the new draft law.  

"I'll talk to him. I'm ready to meet them all to discuss the new law," stated Kumbaro.  

Meanwhile, asked about the project of the New National Theater, which has also caused debates, the minister said that the current hall will be in operation until the day the project comes to be realized. In addition, the TURBINA center will also be operational.  

"The National Theater Hall will remain open until the new project is inaugurated," added Minister Kumbaro.  

Meanwhile, artists are considering the possibility of protests or suspension of shows if the problem is not resolved.