The Albanian Parliament chose the shortlist of members for the Council of Appointments in Justice, expected to be assigned to perform this task from next year.

With limited candidates, even fewer than the number required, the shortlist of members for this institution consists of members from a range of institutions. 

Deriving from the Constitutional Court are Vitore Tusha and Bashkim Dedja, however there is no substitute member due to the lack of candidates.

From the High Court there is Ardian Dvorani, while the substitute member will be Medi Bici.

From the General Prosecution there was only one candidate and that is the acting chief Prosecutor, Arta Marku. This Institution also offers no substitute member.

The Appeals Prosecution will be releasing only one member out of two that are required under the Constitution, Fationa Memçaj. Thia is due to a lack of candidates.

The members deriving from the Court of Appeal will be Fatri Islamaj and Margarita Buhali, while substituting members will be Gurali Brahimllari.

Eriol Roshi will join the Counc from the Administrative Courts, with Klodiana Veiza Mema as the substitute.

Due to the lack of candidates from the Appellate Prosecution, the Council of Appointments in Justice has only 8 of the 9 required members at this point. 

The DP MP Oerd Bylykbashi responded to the publication of the shortlist by declaring it unlawful and yet another effort by the government to capture the justice system.

In an attempt to avoid prolonged debates on this topic, the Speaker of the Parliament, Gramoz Ruçi, said that the decision-making process for the shortlist included consultations with relevant experts.

From the 8 selected members, 5 of them have already passed the Vetting process, which means that the quota has at least been met to proceed with functional meetings.

The Council of Appointments in Justice officially starts on January 1, 2019 and is the key Authority for verifying candidates for the Constitutional Court.