In 2017, Albania significantly reduced its spread of empire on the map of cannabis cultivation.

Now, the removal of corrupt police officers from the State Police will be the focus of the government.

This was declared by Prime Minister Edi Rama in Lezha during the 105th anniversary of establishing the State Police.

Rama said that in the past four years the government has reformed the police, but acknowledged that there were still corrupt officials and those with links to crime in its ranks.

"In 2017, Albania was removed from the map of countries that cultivate and traffic narcotics, and in doing so healed an old, deep wound." said Edi Rama.

The process of vetting, according to Rama, is vital to ensure police operate in accordance with European standards.

"Vetting of police is just as important as vetting that has begun in other justice institutions.

"Crime can not be fought with corrupt prosecutors and judges, nor with corrupt directors or police officers.

"The vetting process will enable the removal of all leaders and members involved in criminal activity or with unjustified wealth resources accumulated over the the years.

"This will be the basis of our second mandate. The guarantee is that at the end of this mandate we will be able to truthfully say to all Albanians and internationals that our police force conducts themselves in line with European standards." said Edi Rama.

Interior Minister Fatmir Xhafa added that the "Force of Law" operation will assist in restoring integrity in the authority of the State Police, emphasizing that the scope of the operation will extend outside the borders of Albania.

 "The 'Force of Law' operation will restore the authority of the State Police and police officers in the fight against crime and criminal organization.

We have seen the first promising results in only the first two months, proving that the police are determined to hit the criminal groups already identified intensely," said Fatmir Xhafaj.

This anniversary found the state police without a director, following the recent dismissal of the former General Director Haki Çako.